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Wyuna, an aboriginal girls name meaning “clear”, exudes class and luxury. Fully equipped, just some highlights of this sailing yacht charter: 2 double crystal clear kayaks, 2 paddle boards, full snorkeling gear including fins, noodles, Bluetooth, refrigerator/ freezer, top shelf liquor selections, huge bean bag chairs for lounging, tons of deck space and shade too! Under sail, Wyuna cuts through the turquoise waters of Bermuda like a hot knife through butter, and at anchor, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven! Let our attentive crew pamper you like never before. You won’t be disappointed with the amenities, condition, and luxury of WYUNA!!

Amenities on Wyuna:

Full Snorkeling Equipment including fins • Noodles for floatation • 2 Paddle Boards • 2 Double Crystal Clear Kayaks • Deck Rinse Down • Bean Bags • Full Bar Facility with ice (for sale) • Refrigerator/Freezer • Entertainment System • Bathroom • Large Platform for easy access into the water


A 51 ft. Morgan yacht, sailing aficionados will fall in love with Shekynah! Large enough to accommodate 25 passengers, Shekynah is equipped with sound system, full snorkelling gear, paddle boards and noodles. Shekynah boasts ample deck space for sun-worshippers, perfect for lounging with book in one hand and cocktail in the other.  If you prefer the shade however, this yacht has plenty of that too. She’s is equipped with refrigeration, packed with ice and beverages, including our famous Bermuda Rum Swizzles! This yacht is at her best under sail however, with plenty of canvas to make headway in even the slightest breeze.

Amenities on Shekynah:

Full Snorkeling equipment including fins • 2 Paddle Boards • Noodles for flotation • Deck Rinse Down • Select Beverages with ice (for sale) • Bathroom • Sound System

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