The newest addition to our charter fleet, Wyuna is a 47 ft. Leopard sail catamaran, built by Robertson & Caine in 2005. Licensed for 35 passengers, she’s got it all! There’s tons of deck space, an entertainment system, ice and water maker, refrigerator and freezer, and on and on. Wyuna is perfect for larger private charters, especially those involving catering and entertaining. Also very well equipped for snorkeling charters, she’s the best option for groups with children, seniors, or anyone for whom access in and out if the water may be a concern. You won’t be disappointed with the amenities, condition, and luxury of WYUNA!!

Amenities on Wyuna:

Full Snorkeling Equipment including fins • Noodles for floatation • 2 Paddle Boards • Deck Rinse Down • Full Bar Facility with ice (for sale) • Refrigerator/Freezer • Entertainment System • Bathrooms • Large Platform for easy access into the water


A 51 ft. Morgan sailboat, built in 1976 . Large enough to accommodate 25 passengers, she’s equipped with sound system, snorkeling equipment, and noodles for everyone. Shekynah boasts ample deck space for sun-worshippers, perfect for lounging with book in one hand and cocktail in the other.  If you prefer the shade however, this yacht has plenty of that too. She’s is equipped with refrigeration, packed with ice and beverages, including our famous Bermuda Rum Swizzles! This yacht is at her best under sail however, with plenty of canvas to make headway in even the slightest breeze.

Amenities on Shekynah:

Full Snorkeling equipment including fins • Noodles for flotation • Deck Rinse Down • Select Beverages with ice (for sale) • Bathroom • Sound System