SailBermuda blog
  1. Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence! - Thank you thank you thank you to all our clients/ friends for making this award a reality!
  2. Sailing in Bermuda with 14 hotties aboard!! - Had a pleasantly unexpected bunch turn up for a charter the other day! Not the usual crowd, but this bevy of babes made the day go by much too quickly, they use the best beauty tips for your body, no wonder why they look so good, we found a list of the best adult lego […]
  3. Just chillin’ with these gangsters during a gorgeous charter sail in stunning Bermuda!! -
  4. 1st Charter of 2015! Looks like someone is having fun!! -
  5. Sail Bermuda: The finest charter sailing and snorkeling company in Bermuda… - Come on! What are you waiting for??
  6. Private sailing and snorkeling charter in Bermuda… - Another satisfied family. Great group, me and Zach had just as much fun hanging with these guys as they did chilling with us!
  7. Ready to Go! - Looking good for the 2015 charter sailing and snorkeling season! Sail Bermuda beckons…    
  8. Still Floating after the storms and looking forward to charter sailing and snorkeling in Bermuda 2015!! - TS Faye and Hurricane Gonzalo caused some damage to Shekynah, but, praise God, it’s just minor stuff! We will be back up and running very soon!! The Bermuda Triangle hasn’t gotten the best of us yet!!
  9. First Fay, now here comes Gonzalo!! Will Bermuda get a break?? - Not much charter sailing or snorkeling happening in Bermuda these days with hurricane Fay just hammering the island, and now here comes big brother Gonzalo!!
  10. Early morning snorkel as sun comes up in fantastic Bermuda!! - Check out my son, Logan, the next generation of sailing captains in Bermuda! Ready to go for an awesome snorkeling experience with Daddy, and first thing in the morning!! It’s gotta be in the blood. Charter snorkeling and sailing in Bermuda is what we do, and we do it best!!!