The first recorded mention of the “Zuill” name in Bermuda was more than 300 years ago, way back in 1714. In the old capital town of St. George, a man by the name of Robert Zuill was mentioned in a local newspaper publication. Several years later, Robert had two sons, Robert and John. John, the younger, possessed a mind for business. But the older brother, Robert, was drawn to the seas.

Fast forward eight generations to 1998. Captain Robert (Bobby) Zuill purchased the charter company, Sail Bermuda. For years, Captain Bob showcased these pristine islands to visitors and locals alike, and in a way that only a man with salt in his veins could! Captain Bob retired recently from life on the high seas, but his son, Caleb, carries on the family tradition to this day. Caleb and his wife Marilyn, have two children, Logan and Jasmine. They represent the tenth generation of Zuill’s in Bermuda, and quite possibly, another generation of sea captains!

To be continued…